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Natural Wood Workshop (Nov 2019)
Date: 9, 16 & 23 November 2019 (Saturdays)
(Participants are expected to attend all three sessions)

9 Nov: 09:30-12:30 (Teaching session)
16 Nov: 09:30-12:30 (Teaching session) & 13:30-16:00 (Visit session)
23 Nov: 09:30-12:30 (Teaching session)

**All include one-hour lunch break, but lunch is not provided.

1. Objective/Nature
In this workshop, participants experience a highly creative process rooted in connecting with nature, and will understand the ecological importance of trees. Participants will gain practical skills in woodworking safely and efficiently with simple woodworking hand tools, revisiting this age-old method of creation, to produce handmade wood products.

2. Content
The workshop comprises three main components and will be held in both classroom and outdoor environments.


  • Exploring different wood types and species found in KFBG.
  • Understanding basic tree ecology.
  • Experiencing the relationship between trees and us and other elements of nature.


  • Demonstration of how wood is milled in production.
  • Hands-on crafting, using basic to advanced woodworking skills such as measuring, using marking tools and hand-tools; safe operation of small tools such as handsaws and palm sanders.


  • By the end of the workshop, each participant will be able to take their finished products home as souvenirs of what they learned with KFBG.

3. Instructor
Snoopy Lo

Woodwork Instructor - Snoopy Lo
Lo Siu Hi (Snoopy), a previous Geography teacher, joined KFBG as a volunteer for over a decade. He has helped in various educational programmes and woodworking sessions, and possesses rich experience in woodworking. Snoopy is now a woodwork instructor in KFBG, passionate in educating and promoting recycle wood.

4. Fee
Covers all costs of the workshop, including necessary materials, tools, staffing and the finished woodworking products (wooden stool, wooden hanger mounts and wooden accessories rack) to take home.

**Refund Policy: Any request for change or withdraw from workshop after payment, no refund will be considered unless it is cancelled due to inclement weather condition.

5. Note
Participants with little to no prior experience in woodworking are welcome.

6. Venue
Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden

7. No. of Participants
15 (aged 18 or above)

8. Language

9. Application
Please click here for online registration.

10. Enquiry
Ms. Rose Chung, Education Department
Tel: (852) 2483 7112