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Conservation Resources

Fauna Conservation
  • Native Food Plants for Birds and Mammals in Hong Kong (16MB)
  • Fauna Conservation Department leaflet (9MB)
  • Good Fortune? or Misfortune? - a leaflet highlighting problems of captive animal releases (1.2MB)
  • Let's Care About Our Natural Heritage - Snakes leaflet (1.5MB)
  • Stop & Think: Please Do Not Pollute Nature with Exotic Wildlife (Poster) (300KB)
  • Wildlife Crime Infographic (Jointly published by a number of organisations) (240KB)
  • Let's discover the World of Amphibians (2.3MB)
  • Let's Care About Our Natural Heritage - Wild Boar leaflet (1.2MB)
  • Let's Care About Our Natural Heritage - Macaques leaflet (700KB)
Kadoorie Conservation China
  • Nabang Birding Guide (43Mb)
  • Rubber-Based Agroforestry System (3Mb)
  • Tengchong Birding Guide (40Mb)
  • Tengchong Butterfly Guide (43Mb)