Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation
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Educational Exhibits: Some Rescued Animals Perform an Educational Role

Not all of the animals rescued recover sufficiently to be able to return to the wild. If appropriate, some animals may join our live animal displays.

The educational displays contain stories of how the animals ended up at KFBG; some friendly animals also allow unique close encounter opportunities for school children and general visitors (more details).

We want visitors to KFBG to better understand how animals, like us, depend on our environment for survival, and how human health, animal health and environmental health are all interconnected.

Visitors will be able to find out how their actions can harm or benefit the health of the natural environment. We hope to encourage more people to get involved in biodiversity conservation and develop or retain a close connection with nature.

Small lifestyle changes (such as taking your rubbish away when enjoying the countryside, and eating more local greens) can help to conserve and protect our planet.

Please do not be a part of the wildlife trade: buying wild animals or animal products only funds further poaching and cruelty.

Please try to live in harmony with animals and our natural world.