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Annual Report

2019 saw KFBG achieve success on multiple fronts. The Wild Animal Rescue Center received and released its 50,000th patient; the Flora Department discovered 10 plant species not previously known to be present in Hong Kong; and many years of hard work by Kadoorie Conservation China bore fruit
in promising increases in Hainan gibbon and Eld’s deer populations.

At the same time, in the areas of sustainable living and holistic education, new collaborations were formed in both Hong Kong and Guangzhou and powerful transformative workshops held with renowned global teachers.

Another milestone in KFBG’s development was reached with the ground-breaking ceremony for the Jockey Club Nature Conservation Centre, whilst steps were taken to address our future funding gap by establishing the new Partnerships Department. These are just some of the recent developments in our programmes – and in this time of great uncertainty, KFBG remains committed to serving Hong Kong, Mainland China and the Earth as a whole, to bring about a transformation in humanity’s relationship with the rest of nature.