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Educational Resources

For many years, we have organised experiential teachers’ seminars and workshops to promote teachers’ interest and understanding our relationship with nature, and provided skills and tips for holistic nature education. Various educational materials on different issues have been produced and distributed to schools.

You may download the worksheets below for free. Please read the Holistic Education section to find out more educational materials for teachers.

Teaching Packs for free download


Exhibition Panels

Dancing with Snakes Exhibition [PDF]

The Dancing with Snakes Exhibition explores the cultural and ecological significance of this often misunderstood animal. Click here to learn about these mesmerizing creatures that have captured the imagination of generations and how we can play a part in reducing the threat of extinction.

Wisdom In A Shell - Turtle Conservation Exhibition [PDF]

Turtles are fascinating creatures that have been portrayed as legendary characters in many cultures throughout history. Today, they are in serious trouble and are some of the world’s most endangered vertebrates, more so than mammals. Click here to learn about the current state of turtle conservation and the importance of these brilliant animals.

Upside Down - Exploring the World of Bats Exhibition [PDF, 83MB]

See the world from a new perspective through learning about bats - the only mammal that can truly fly. You may have heard that bats bring good luck in Chinese culture, but did you also know about the important role they play in pest control and agriculture? Click here to familiarise yourself with the many faces of bats and how we can help these little creatures feel welcome.

Educational Materials

KFBG is committed to nature education in Hong Kong and has considerable experience in producing materials for schools. Many educational materials have been produced over the past years and these include posters, booklets, pamphlets, teachers’ packs, students’ worksheets and CDs. Please view our teaching resources listed below and contact if you would like to have a free copy.

A Tree for Shelter Series- Wildlife in Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden VCD Teaching Material [PDF]

A number of infra-red video camera systems have been set-up within the “protected area” of KFBG to observe and record the behaviour pattern of the rich wildlife living in the farm. The VCD “Wildlife in Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden” has been produced so that people in Hong Kong may understand and perhaps learn to cherish the many forest animals; so that they may thrive and continue to live undisturbed in their natural habitats.

A Teacher’s Guide to the World of Bats [PDF]

Hong Kong is home to 26 of the world’s nearly 1,000 species of bats. Bats play a critical role in nature, helping humans by eating agricultural insect pests, spreading seeds and pollinating plants that provide food for us. This booklet includes some true facts about bats and teaching resources to encourage students to think about how they can help protect bat populations and conserve important natural habitats.

Authors: Gary Ades, Ph.D., Joshua Chan

Nature’s Nobility [PDF]

The first orchids are thought to have evolved over 76 million years ago. Till now, orchids are the most diverse flowering plants in the world. Unfortunately, these wonderful plants are decreasing in number due to habitat disturbance and other human activities. This "Nature’s Nobility” booklet introduces interesting facts about orchids, and guides readers to help protect nature and orchids in their daily lives.

Authors: Stephan Gale, Joshua Chan

Animal Detective Booklet [PDF]

This booklet will guide your students to learn about animal conservation work relevant to Hong Kong. By learning the stories of some of the rescued animals in KFBG’s displays, your students will understand the threats and how we all need to work together to protect wildlife in Hong Kong and the South China region.

A Visit to the Plant Kingdom Booklet [PDF]

This booklet will guide your students to learn about the biology of plants, seed dispersal, renewable energy, and organic farming, etc. at KFBG. They will be engaged in experiential activities that open their senses, and guided observation and reflection that raise their appreciation for plants and the environment.

Teacher’s versionStudent’s version