Holistic Learning and Experience
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We believe that education should be informed by the same wholeness and harmony that we find in nature.

We recognise the relatedness and interconnectedness of all subjects: science is connected to intuition, economics to ecology, and philosophy to practice. Therefore, our educational programmes encompass ecology, art, farming, economics, culture and connecting with nature from the heart.

What is Holistic Education?

In KFBG, we believe the purpose of education should be learning for the whole being; to bring out what is inside oneself and one’s inner wisdom; to cultivate one’s compassion, creativity, awareness and other qualities; to seek the true meaning in life; and to come to understand that one is part of the interdependent web of life, in harmony with oneself, one‘s community and the rest of nature.

Therefore, we advocate wholeness and harmony, with reverence for the interconnectedness of subjects and disciplines, so that science is connected to intuition, economy to ecology, and philosophy to practice.

Why incorporate holistic principles in education?

We realise that separation and disconnection is at the root of the environmental, economic and social crisis facing the world today.

The world is, unfortunately, commonly seen as a collection of objects, and each element separated from the other. The mainstream educational system often excludes the interconnectedness of all things and the values of humanity; and tends to suit the industrial, mechanistic and materialistic paradigm of progress and development, which has led to the serious damage to the biosphere.

A strong drive to change the reductionist and linear way of thinking to a more holistic and systematic way of learning from life as a whole is emerging.

Holistic learning in KFBG

We practise holistic learning approach through ‘3H’ – ‘Head‘, ‘Heart‘ and ‘Hands‘ which is suggested by Dr. Satish Kumar, the world renowned educator and chief editor of Resurgence Magazine, UK. In our educational programmes, apart from learning important ecological knowledge (Head), we also let participants to join hands-on activities by using all senses (Hands). Various experiential and mindfulness activities are also provided for participants to reflect and re-connect themselves with nature (Heart). Where appropriate we seek to guide people to a 4th H - wHole - which brings together the other three H‘s of Head, Hands and Heart into one.

At KFBG, we provide a variety of educational programmes encompassing ecology, art, organic farming, and connecting with nature.

  • Nature Education Programmes
  • Transformative Workshops
  • Art in Nature
  • Community Programmes
  • Sustainable Living and agriculture

The purpose of these programmes is to enhance people’s awareness and shift people’s consciousness towards a sustainable life in harmony with one’s inner landscape and outer environment.