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Experience Peace in Nature
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Nature’s peace manifests, and can be experienced, in many ways-the fragrance of a flower, the song of a bird, the gentle movement of a stream, the spectacular view from a mountain top. Intrinsic to nature are also the principles of balance and harmony; peace is an inherent quality of these principles and thus of the natural world. We human beings are also a part of this wonderful, multifaceted natural world and for this reason, peace is also within each one of us. We can learn from nature how to bring our body and mind back to a state of balance; this enables us to perceive life from the perspective of that natural state of peace which is within us.

In this booklet, seven practices are especially designed for you to practice in seven locations in the beautiful natural environment of the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG). These practices build on one another, yet they can also be practiced independently. Each practice has a specific focus, yet they share the same intention, which is for us to refresh our connection with the peace in nature and experience this peace in our own hearts.

KFBG is a secular nature conservation and education organisation. These practices are not intended to be, or feel, religious.

Please enjoy this journey of peace in nature in you.


Download "Experience Peace in Nature" booklet