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Butterfly Garden

Perched on a ridge overlooking the Lam Tsuen valley, KFBG’s Butterfly Garden was created to attract some of Hong Kong's more than 240 species of butterflies and 2000 species of moths. It was designed and established on a sheltered area of the hillside halfway up Kwun Yum Shan. By selecting plants that offer leaves favoured by caterpillars and nectariferous flowers sought by winged adults, we encourage a large variety of species to visit the garden all year round. Over 171 butterfly species and 1300 moth species have been recorded at KFBG.

Away from the crowds, the Butterfly Garden is buzzing with wildlife. Between the peak months from April to June, you can see a spectacular show of butterflies, including the brightly coloured Peacock Pansy (Junonia almana), the delicate White Dragontail (Lamproptera curius) and the striking Common Jester (Symbrenthia lilaea).