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Eco-garden & One-dou Farm

The Eco-garden is a self-contained, self-sufficient garden grown in harmony with nature. Like the rest of the Farm it is organic. Here we demonstrate how the elements needed for successful gardening - fertile soil, good seeds, pest and weed control, and good irrigation - can be achieved naturally and without the use of chemicals or farming practices that discourage wildlife and upset the balance of nature.

In the Eco-Garden you can find out more about eco-gardening practices, and also how you can grow your own flowers and vegetables in an urban environment, through techniques such as no-dig and container gardening. The garden is also used as a 'classroom', model and demonstration site for people who are starting local community gardens, a concept that is gaining popularity in Hong Kong.

Find out about joining a sustainable farming course, and start to grow some of your own, healthy, organic food in this website.