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Fruit Forest

In 2004, KFBG adopted agro-forestry methods, converting some of our traditional single-crop orchards into mixed forest gardens that mimic the natural forest structure.

Fruit trees are inter-planted with edible crops such as pineapples. Legumes are planted in alternate hedgerows for green manure, and cover crops protect the land from soil erosion.

Planting according to agro-forestry principles reduces damage by insect pests, requires very little maintenance, no chemical fertilisers and gives a variety of fruits and other harvestable crops all-year-round.

Higher up the hillside we have started to gradually remove the old, non-productive mono-crop orchards and replace these trees with mixed native forest, inclusing many fruit trees. This work will take perhaps 20 years and all the wood removed will be turned into bio-char and woodchip and returned to the land to enrich the soil.