Our Agriculture, Our Future Edible Gardening Art Exhibition

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 Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden(KFBG) is pleased to announce that “Our Agriculture, Our Future” Edible Gardening Art Exhibition will be held from 14th to 27th July 2014 at Central Star Ferry Pier, to showcase the contribution of agriculture to the future of Hong Kong and to promote the importance of urban agriculture.

The shrinking local food production makes us vulnerable to peak oil and climate change impacts. 60% of our farmland has been lost in the last five decades. 3,600 tonnes of food waste is generated every day in Hong Kong – almost all of it is dumped at landfill, when it could be turned to compost to enrich the land. 175,492 tonnes of vegetable can be produced from our farmland each year, but we are producing only 16,000 tonnes every year. Over 100,000,000 square feet of our farmland is owned by the major property developers. 70% of our remaining farmland is ‘left abandoned’.

The review of the agriculture policy is a window of opportunity to put urban agriculture back

to the heart of Hong Kong’s public policy. While a whole system approach and an enabling policy to support local sustainable food production are fundamentally important, preserving our rapidly vanishing farmland is undoubtedly the most urgent step that is needed.

Urban agriculture is vital to Hong Kong. Local food travels less than imports and consumes far less resources in packaging and preservation, and thus helps mitigate climate change and reduce ecological footprint. Urban agriculture can enhance food security and stabilize food prices to resist against the escalating fuel prices. Also, local food production creates a sink for organic waste recovery and reuse. Preserving agriculture is one of the most effective strategies for preserving the roots of our local culture.

“Our Agriculture, Our Future” Edible Gardening Art Exhibition will display 10 edible art pieces which are designed by people and groups from all walks of life. Over 50 people, including youths from mainland, local school students and the community, will cooperate to install an art piece together on 14th July at 1-3pm before the opening of the exhibition. We would like to cordially invite you to attend this special activity.

Details of “Our Agriculture, Our Future” Edible Gardening Art Exhibition:


14th to 27th July 2014

*The exhibition opens on 14th July at 3pm


Full day


1/F, Central Star Ferry Pier(Pier No.7)

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